I’ve just completed this version of Cromer Autumn on canvas. To make the image I used a triple primed medium grain canvas and painted with Royal Talens gouache and an Edding fine outliner. The whole image was then protected with two light applications of spray fixative and then two coats of Dorland’s cold wax and allowed to harden. I’m very pleased with the look and finish of the work. I used gouache because it is my medium of choice but also it has a pure and vibrant colour that is more ‘alive’ than acrylic in my opinion and given its lightfastness will not fade as quickly. As it is a water-based medium I had to be careful of runs or spidering that could happen with an acrylic varnish so used a very light spray fixative and coats of cold wax for protection. That hardens over a week or so and gives a pretty tough surface without the yellowing associated with many varnishes. Overall, I’m very happy with the results and will certainly use the technique again.

The canvas is 75cm x 100cm and 3.8cm deep.